16 February 2011

These last months have been crazy. I cannot express how I feel when I look at the reviews and the salesfigures of the app. It has totally blown my mind that my app is topping the charts all over Europe. It is completely amazing!

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you! Gracias! Danke! Tack! 谢谢

The last couple of months I've been focusing heavily on the new design.

Its always good to take breaks from intensive work, just to clear your mind and get a fresh perspective on things. So to get my mind off the design update I thought I'd do some feature updates that you have requested.

First off, the search function.
Currently being developed, heres a shot of how it looks in the simulator:

MyWallet+ Search

The search bar will not be visible by default, you'll have to drag it down and tap it before it does any good. Nothing fancy visually. Just really good implementation with threading etc. The other new feature is my new favourite function, tags! I've used every excuse I have to start the app, just to look at these. Have a look at them:

MyWallet+ tags

Isn't that cool?? The design was heavily inspired by a button I saw on 365psd.com. But I've taken it a couple of steps further ;-)

Well thats about it for now.

Im going to polish these alot before releasing them.
...But you can expect an update within the coming weeks :-)

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