Introducing “Projects”

Do you want to be efficient and constantly keep track of what you have to do? Then “Projects” is the perfect tool for you. With this beautifully designed app, you can register your tasks and projects in an easy and convenient way. The app has a simple interface, with powerful underlying functionality. All so that you find it easy and fun to keep track of things you need to do.

The app consists of the following:

1. When you enter the app, you see what tasks you have today. If you forget to open the app, you can get reminders with tasks that are due.

2. In the task view, you can choose to view your tasks in different lists; all tasks, tasks with due dates, tasks without due dates, and completed tasks.

3. The project view shows your project and the tasks that belong to each project, grouped by completed and ongoing tasks.

4. The calendar view is an overview to make it easy to register the tasks on the correct date. You can also see what you have to do a certain date.

Just like ¬†“MyWallet+”, we have chosen to strip away all the hassle and have developed a simple interface, in consultation with usability experts. “Projects” will evolve along with our users’ needs.

Email your suggestions for new features and improvements to and follow the development in the developers blog.

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