22 April 2011

In the last release (version 1.084) we introduced a somewhat upgraded overview. It turns out that we also introduced a minor bug. The bug only appears if the first time you installed MyWallet+ was prior to version 1.045 (which was released May 2010!). Users who bought the app after May 2010 will never experience the bug.

Please note that the bug doesn't affect your data. Everything you have entered is still safe and intact.
We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience this bug might have caused.
And at the same time we are absolutely thrilled that so many users have stuck with us a whole year.

Anyhow we have fixed the bug, and the update is submitted to Apple.
Lets hope Apple have some engineers working this Easter :-)

Submitted to Apple: 2011-04-22
Approved: 2011-04-29

21 Responses to Version 1.085 (Released 29th April 2011)

  1. Hi there!
    I think that your app just miss a thing…
    Why I can’t manage many virtual “wallet”?
    In this app I can’t manage my two pre-payed card because there’s only one big wallet!
    Why don’t you can implement the possibility to save every tansaction to a different wallet?
    Thank you guys!



  2. Hi Sana! Sorry for the late reply.
    Anyhow! What youre describing is in fact “accounts”. And we’ve received this request from many users.
    We’re looking at a couple of solutions for this, and we will release a intermediary solution for this.
    Accounts may be included when we introduce the iPad version of the app. ­čÖé
    Best regards ~ Emmanuel

  3. I think this app is one of the best , Well Done.
    do you have the app for mac book pro ?
    i would like to download the same on my mac book.

    Thank you

    Best regards

  4. Hey, i just bought this appa, entered a password and an email account, and now I cannot open it again since it is not recognizing my password. I tried thw email recovery solution but nothing… Could you help me?

  5. Hi Manolo!
    Check your e-mail (check the spam-folder just in case), the password should have been sent if you’ve entered everything correct.
    If you haven’t entered any expenses / incomes into the app, I would suggest that you simply reinstall the app.
    And if this doesn’t solve the problem, please send an e-mail to support@block21.com
    ~ Emmanuel

  6. Hi,

    I really like your app and also just miss an account function (on that you are alraeady working on)..
    When do you intend to publish it?


  7. I’m sure this would be a great app BUT:
    If I want to enter a new transaction on a category which I opened myself it doesn’t recognize although I can see it.

  8. Hi Sonja!
    When you create a new category, it wont be visible unless it has subcategories. In fact, when you add transactions – they must be connected to a subcategory. ~ Emmanuel

  9. Hi Oliver! We’re working on it, it will probably be released late this month or in the middle of the next month (June). ~ Emmanuel

  10. I’m thinkink about buying it, but I have a doubt:
    I use in almost all my transations the credit card and I pay this bill every 8th.
    I would like to categorize the expenses like restaurants, market, etc, to also control my credit cards.
    Is that possible?

  11. Hi Monica,
    You can create categories and subcategories for whatever youd like in the app. But you cannot have multiple accounts (yet).
    Regards / Emmanuel

  12. Hi, how many currencies are supported? I live in Costa Rica.


  13. Hola!!! Desde la ultima actualizaci├│n se queda en ocasiones bloqueada la aplicaci├│n. Tambi├ęn si tienes activado un teclado con emoticonos (Emoji) hay problemas. El teclado con emoticonos aparece cuando vas a poner la cantidad y no puedes poner n├║meros.

  14. Seria posible que el “balance” no fuera sobre el total de gastos e ingresos, si no sobre lo que tienes en pantalla (ejemplo: balance sobre el mes de mayo, el a├▒o 2011,…)

  15. Hi Daniel! The app supports all currencies that are available in the iPhone. You can change the default currency in the settings.

  16. Hola Fransisco! Es posible pero entonces usted tiene que apagar la
    apertura y cierre de balance en la configuraci├│n. // Emmanuel

  17. Hola! Tenemos un peque├▒o problema con los emoticonos.
    Y es sobre todo cuando ingresa n├║meros.
    ¿Cuál aplicación de emoticonos usaste?

  18. Hi there at Block21

    I really love your app! use it a lot.
    the only thing is, it crashes every other time right when I start it!?!
    using iPod touch MB533LL iOS 4.2.1
    thanks for any advice..
    Cheers, steffn

  19. Hi Emmanuel,

    thanks again for the fantastic app (we’ve been into touch a year ago at a quite more early stage of MyWallet / MeineAusgaben when there still were a lot of major & minor bugs). Please keep the app as simple as possible in the future without too many options. This is a clear USP compared to other cash tracking apps.

    But one for me very important feature is still missing: the ability to synchronize the entries when the app is used on 2 different iphone devices (my wife and myself use the app). At the moment we need to copy the data-exports together in Excel but this is a bad compromise as the statistics within the app are useless for us.

    I bet this could easily be managed using Dropbox – the backups are already stored at Dropbox. Maybe it’s worth to risk a look at ShopShop app which is an easy to use (and free of costs) shopping list that enables synching beetween different devices using Dropbox in the latest version (http://nschum.de/apps/ShopShop/). Quite fancy!

    Looking forward for your feedback!


  20. mark.verheijen

    Yes! I would also appreciate syncing so much. Please add that as a possibility, thanks!

  21. I downloaded your application yesterday and started using it.

    My first comments are not positive, for the following reasons:
    1- the sammary only gives total expenditures, without any brakedown, of the total spent;
    2- the categories you have used for expenditures are few;
    3- you should include:
    a) cash opening balance,i.e. money in pocket
    b) cash taken from cash dispenser,
    c) cash at end of month in pocket
    d) cash at end of period, by the application.

    Introducing these changes, in my opinion the application is much more useful.

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