15 September 2011

Updated 21st september 2011
I had to fix the autocomplete bug, so version 1.088 will be a fix release only.
The chart depicted below will be released in version 1.089.

A new version already?
We have been getting so much love and good feedback from our users, we figured its about time we pay back.

Here is a screenshot of an upcoming feature I've been working on:

The graph will be visible when you tilt your phone to landscape mode.
You will be able to tap on a month to get an in-depth analysis of the selected months transactions. Neat, huh?

We have some minor issues with the scale (on the left side), other than that, it should be ready within the coming week!

1 Responses to Version 1.088

  1. Su aplicación, me parece genial, es super sencilla y a la vez cunple su objetivo; recordarme mis gastos. Me encanta la integración con dropbox, ya que me hace facil trabajar en un iphone y luego actualizar las cuentas de mi jefe, tan sólo importando todo lo que hice en el dia. Seria bueno una version de ipad por el mismo precio, y tambien opcion de recibos por foto, que sea activada cuando el usuario desee.

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