14 December 2011

We've been really busy lately.
Alot of you have requested the accounts feature, and we're almost finished with it. But apparently the bug that version 1.091 was supposed to squash did not work for everybody.
So we will be posting a new hotfix-release this week. We've got alot of good, detailed, reports on where the problem occurs but we've not yet succeeded to reproduce the bug on our hardware.

This version is a hotfix, but it contains alot of changes. Most of them are not visual - but nevertheless very important. It will upgrade your databases to one that supports accounts, budgets (and more neat, secret, stuff! :-)).

Change log
  1. Completely rewritten Core Data stack
  2. Added safe database migration wizard (no more timeouts on older devices!)
  3. Moved database from Documents folder to Library folder
  4. iCloud preparations (Completed implementation, but it needs further testing.)
  5. Accounts preparations (Database extended to support accounts)
  6. Budgets preparations (Database extended to support budgets)
  7. Import preparations (Support for iTunes document management)
  8. Landscape financial analyzer v1 (Line chart, Pie chart, Bar chart and more!) Didnt make it in this version.
  9. Search: Totals (Shows separate sums of incomes/expenses)
  10. Intelligent sort in autocomplete (frequent expenses appear on top)
  11. Preparations for decorating categories with icons

Planned submit date: 2011-12-15
Actual submit date: 2011-12-18
Release date: 2011-12-21

8 Responses to Version 1.092 (Released 21 December 2011)

  1. What about multi currency?
    Also I need to have possibility store bank deposits and credits.
    Without this features I can’t comfortable manage all aspects ob my personal budget.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Anton, I forgot to mention that in the change log above.
    I’ve added fields to the database for handling multiple currencies (on account & transaction level). We will have multicurrency support in the future.

  3. What about Android version? Will we be getting the same feature set?

  4. The Android version will have accounts too. The release cycle (for the Android version) is set after the iOS version.
    We have a couple of other things to catch up on in the Android version aswell (autocomplete etc).

  5. I have a favour to ask then. Please improve the graphics resolution and optimize for Android ICS 4.0. (e.g. icons, pin code interface a-la dropbox). MyWallet+ by far the best, most useful and most used app on my phone. You guys have done amazing job. Thanks!

    P.S Have a nice holidays!

  6. Thank you Izzat.
    As soon as I can get my hands on an ICS4.0 device I will make the necessary updates.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

  7. Since update always crashes with iOS 5

  8. Christian, which version are you using?
    We fixed the iOS5 bug in version 1.092 which was released a couple of days ago.
    Have you updated yet?

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