9 March 2012

Enough is enough. We love our users. We want the best for you.
We believe that all sensitive data needs to be backed up, but a lot of users disregard this and when trouble happens, they are in for at messy procedure of restoring data from iTunes backups. Although we do our best to help you restore your databases, it is often frustrating and stressful when it happens. We want you to feel safe with our app. This is of paramount importance to us.

Automatic backup feature
That is why were introducing an automatic backup feature in the next version. It will silently, and automatically, make backups of your database on a daily basis. We will probably limit it to 5-10 simultaneous backups, which means that the oldest backup is continuously pushed out. This is to ensure that you NEVER EVER again loose your data due to bugs or to any misfortune.

We have had our share of database issues in the last few versions.
The reason for these issues is that under the surface, there are huge changes in the apps database. This is due to the amount of feature requests we get, and frankly - if we dont grow and add features - we might aswell stop developing. We have expanded the database to support budgets, labels, reports and a dozen of other features we have planned for this year. Database migrations are always difficult, especially since we have so many users that are running so many different versions of the app on a wide variety of devices.

Financial analyzer
It is finally time to reveal the financial analyzer!
We've been working with this feature for some time and its ready to be released.
A lot of users have requested all kinds of visualizations of their data. Bar charts, pie charts, comparisons etc. We have been sceptical to showing graphs mainly because it is really hard to fit a good looking and USABLE graph into an app in portrait mode.
But we think we've figured out how to do it.


Here is a short video clip of the pie chart component that we've developed for the Financial Analyzer.

Wanna help?
We need the following strings translated:
  • "You dont have enough data to show the chart"
  • "Average income per day"
  • "Average expense per day"

..into: Norwegian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Portugese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian.

Released 23 april 2012

10 Responses to Version 1.094

  1. Guys, come on show some respect for android users as well. Thats not very professional and negates your “user love philosophy” to completely ignore users and thier requests.

  2. Izzat, to be honest, we are swamped with stuff to do with the iPhone version. As soon as we find an experienced Android developer that suits us – we will be releasing accounts and the financial analyzer for Android aswell.

    We’re currently negotiating with third party developers to speed things up a bit. I will get back to you as soon as I know more.

  3. Translated strings for Russian language.

    Original: “You dont have enough data to show the chart”
    Translation: “Не хватает данных для отображения диаграммы”

    Original: “Average income per day”
    Translation: “Средний доход в день”

    Original: “Average expense per day”
    Translation: “Средний расход в день”

  4. Thank you very much, Eugene!

  5. German:
    “You dont have enough data to show the chart”
    Es sind nicht genug Daten vorhanden, um das Diagramm anzuzeigen.

    “Average income per day”
    Durchschnittliche tägliche Einnahmen

    “Average expense per day”
    Durchschnittliche tägliche Ausgaben

  6. Italian translations:
    – Non ci sono abbastanza dati per visualizzare il grafico
    – Entrate medie giornaliere
    – Spesa media giornaliera

  7. Thank you Thomas!

  8. Thank you Teejay!

  9. French
    “You dont have enough data to show the chart”
    Vous n’avez pas suffisamment de données pour afficher le graphique

    “Average income per day”
    Revenu moyen par jour

    “Average expense per day”
    Dépense moyenne par jour

  10. Thank you! I’ve added it to the next version.

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