Simple, yet very powerful

We strive to keep the app as simple as possible and we intend to keep it that way.
Only the features that are relevant for the purpose of this app make it to implementation.

Custom category structure
Don’t like the built in categories? Go ahead and create your own!

Recurring transactions
Creating recurring transactions has never been easier. With MyWallet+ you get one of the most powerful recurrence calculations seen in a finance app.

Rollover balance
Realtime rollover balance.

Password protection
Protect your data with a password.

Export to multiple formats
Excel, CSV and HTML. Not the one you want? Request it!

Stylish drilldown barchart
Barcharts with drilldown functionality.
Put your finger on a chart and drag to the left/right to see which transactions the bar is comprised of.

Frequent updates
MyWallet is updated frequently. We intend to update once or twice a month.

Backup and Restore
Safely store backups without the need to sync with iTunes. MyWallet is integrated with DropBox.