17 February 2012

Hi everyone!
The submit date for 1.093 (accounts) is closing in and our translators aren't fast enough.

Do you want to help us?
These are the strings we need translated:
  • "Account"
  • "Accounts"
  • "Account name"
  • "Initial balance"
  • "Edit account"
  • "Create account"
  • "Current balance"
  • "Select account"
  • "Select accounts"
  • "Balance on %DATE%"
  • "Transfers"
  • "Transfer"
  • "From account"
  • "To account"
  • "You must have atleast one account."
  • "Delete account"
  • "All transactions will be deleted if you choose to delete the account."
  • "Add new account"

The languages we need these string in are:
German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Portugese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian

E-mail the translated strings to support@block21.com

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