“The easiest and most powerful expense tracker for iOS”

We take time to consider and answer each and every request.
But we are very picky with what features we decide to include.

The features we prioritize should:

  • make it easier to add transactions
  • reduces time to enter a new transaction
  • increase usage of the information available
  • make the app more fun to use

Feature requests that have been implemented

  • Income
  • Recurring transactions
  • Drilldown barcharts
  • Rollover balance
  • Password protection
  • Backup & Restore
  • Start of month / Month configuration
  • Search
  • Auto-complete …implemented in version 1.087
  • Accounts …implemented in version 1.093

..and more!

Features that are planned to be implemented

  • Integrate with a web based service (open for suggestions)
  • iPad …in progress!
  • Synchronize database between multiple iPhone/iPod/iPads …in progress!
  • Location (GPS positioning/search for transactions) …in progress!
  • Simplify and enhance category management …in progress!
  • Quick-insert (“Favorites”)
  • Tags (Add one or more tags to an expense, and use the tag to filter/search) …in progress!
  • Import functionality (CSV through DropBox)
  • Icons for categories
  • More graphs …in progress!
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