1 November 2011

Another day, another release!

This is whats been done on 1.090:

  • LLVM 3.0 bug
    In XCode 4.2 the compiler (LLVM 3.0) has a bug that causes the app to crash on iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod 2nd gen.

  • XML Export
    The XML format is our custom format. This will mainly be used for backups and migrating to/from Android

  • Password
    We've rewritten the password dialogue from scratch. Its a bit prettier and has no animations :-)

  • Language bugfix
    Minor language bugfix in the settings. Sections were always set in Swedish.

The landscape graph is completed, but we need to do some testing on older units before its ready for production.
We will post some new screenshots during this week. Stay tuned!

Planned submit date: 1st November 2011
Actual submit date: 4th November 2011
Release date: 10th November 2011

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