19 October 2011

Our Russian and Thai users have experienced an issue with the keyboard while typing descriptions.
Apparently this occurs in iOS5 only. A fix has been submitted and is expected to be released this week.

Version 1.089 was released 20 October 2011.
There have been alot of improvements that are not visual. For instance the category management is completely new. Most of it is refactoring/rewrites that we needed to do in preparation for the iPad version of MyWallet+.

Some of the visual stuff you can see is:

  • Percentage in overview barchart

  • New design in Settings

  • New design in Export

We'd love your input on the visual style of Settings and Export.
Write a comment, that always cheers us up! :-)

1 Responses to Version 1.089 (Released 20 October 2011)

  1. I spent a lot of money trying to find an app better than the one I used for over two years but which unfortunately was never updated .. SplashMoney.

    Finally, after several attempts, even much more expensive than “My Wallet+” I downloaded it and I think that it is excellent and very simple.

    The thing that I loved about SplashMoney is the current balance in each entry of the screen operations. In this way I’m able to understand if, in a particular day (after being charged), I have still some money that I can manage.

    At present I can not tell whether in a given week of the month I can use the money or not.

    Keep it up and I look forward to having the same on my new iPad 2!

    Hello Daniel

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