Version 1.093

Change log:

  1. An Australian fellow (AppStore signature “PASRev”) commented on an translation bug when you delete categories. After further investigation, I can confirm that the bug “only” affects English, French and Portugese. The string in question is: “The category you are about to delete has X subcategories and Y transactions. These will also be deleted if you tap OK”.
  2. Added account management (adding, removing, editing, sorting – in Settings)
  3. Added account selection (in “New transaction”)
  4. Added transfer between accounts (in “New transaction”)
  5. Added possibility to set a default account (if you have multiple). If you only have one account, all transactions will be registered into that account by default.
    Accounts are not mandatory, you will be able to use the app without the accounts feature.
  6. BUGFIX Fixed a bug with the recurring transactions.
    The bug occurs when the recurring transactions are created/updated and is caused by the spinning progress view switching between calculating and creating transactions.
    To be safe, we advice you not to create new recurring transactions until this version has been released.
  7. BUGFIX Fixed a bug with the recurring transactions. Some users reported of problems with duplicate transactions being generated.
  8. Major stability improvements


Planned submit date: 2012-01-03
Postponed submit date: 2012-02-19
Actual submit date: 2012-02-20
Release date: 2012-02-29


In the last update, you made that in each day the order of events is by how many money they are.

Please restore the by insert order (by time of insert)

Wow. Can’t wait to see this update come here to Italy! I asked about an updated like this with different accounts and I’m happy to see it come!!! 🙂
Hope you guys manage to fix most of the bugs (that are normal for updates).


Please make an option in preferences instead, i like by money order instead of by insert order.

Can you create a way to backup the data in file attached to an email and restore it from that file or if we could backup the data via SSH in the Documents folder, because I noticed there are no files wich store the data. Not everyone has an internet connection to their iPhone

Thanks so much, I love this app.

Hi, please add option to select different currencies for each account and convert when transfer. We use eur, usd and rubles in Russia and everyone has at least these 3 currencies in both cash and banks


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