Version 1.087 (Released 15 September 2011)

Updated: 27 August 2011

I’m back! And we’re getting ready to increase the pace of the updates now! In fact, Im working on my iOS projects fulltime now.

The next version will feature a revamped transaction entry dialogue and the possibility to tag transactions (postponed to next version). We’ve listened to your feedback about the “clunkyness” of the transaction entry dialogue and used it to create a faster and lighter process, without loosing details.

We’ve built an intelligent autocompletion feature that you will absolutely love! I’ve been using it for 2 days and I’m totally hooked! It has cut my transaction entry time radically.

I’ve decided to lighten up the apps design somewhat. I will use the signature color (green) more and combine it with shades of gray. I want this app to feel more “German” in its design: strict, professional but still fun to use.

Heres a sneak preview:

Planned submit date: 2011-09-02
Actual submit date: 2011-09-08
In review: 2011-09-14
Released: 2011-09-15


I’ve just tried the new autocomplete feature and i would like it so much, when… When it would work. In the transaction dialogue it looks fine, but after going back to transactions there are only the character i’ve typed, not these ones done by autocomplete.
Any idea what’s wrong? I’m using a iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.5. Already did a restart of the phone, but it’s still not working.
Thanx a lot.

I can confirm that this is a bug. Its been fixed and will be submitted tomorrow. Until its released, try adding & removing a space character after the autocompleted description.

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