1 February 2011

This release is an intermediary fix-release.

  • Language fixes

  • Dropbox backups sorted by date

  • Updated user guide

  • German user guide

Planned submit date: 2010-02-03

Submitted to Apple: 2010-02-04

In review: 2010-02-08

Released: 2010-02-09

7 Responses to Version 1.082

  1. Hi,

    Do the “Language fixes” in this upcoming build include localization and / or translation of the in-app “FAQ” (which appears to be the same as the User Guide
    on your web site) into German?

    If not, is there some other place where we can obtain a translation?


  2. Hi Mike! We will try to have the german User guide included in this version. That might delay the release one more day though.

  3. Mike! The new german user guide is included in the update. I just released it. 🙂

  4. Hello, because my English isn’t very well,
    so I want to ask that what does “Generate forward” means?

  5. Hi Johnny! “Generate forward” means that the app will create your recurring transactions one year ahead.

  6. Thanks for answering.
    but whats the difference between using the “Recurring” function?

    And which recurring transaction it will create?
    All of them? or..?

    actually I’m trying to translate it to Chinese..it’s 90% done..

  7. Thats correct, the setting applies to all recurring transactions.

    If you have set an end date for the recurring transaction, the generate forward function will generate until that end date (if it is within one year ahead of time).

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