11 January 2011

This is the first post in the developer blog.

I thought I'd share my experience and endeavours developing the new MyWallet+.

Usually when you redesign an app from scratch, you want to make sure everything is finished before you release it. But Im thinking of going in the opposite direction and splittingthe project up into well defined parts. As soon as one part is ready and stabilized I would release it to the users and go on to the next part.

Currently  I'm working on the Overview of the next version.

I have understood that a lot of users would like to have some kind of chart that visually shows how much money they have left to spend. Im looking at two solutions for this:

  1. Adding a segmented barchart into the upper part of the overview

  2. Adding a paged control to the overview and letting the users swipe to see different charts.

What do you think? Im all ears on Twitter (@mywalletapp or @emmanuelay).

4 Responses to Beta or Big bang?

  1. As a freelancer, I hope that the chart “How much money is there left to spend” will be optional in some way. I don’t have a regular salary and enter all incomes as they come in (no pun intended), so that would be pretty much useless to me (provided I have understood your intentions)…

    But apart from that, different kinds of charts sound great! I’d really like to see a pie chart 🙂

  2. There will be charts, that’s for sure 🙂
    And all charts will not be visible by default, some of them you will have to swipe to see.

    With unpredictable salary, would it be interesting to see charts over the income?

  3. Sure, charts over the income would be great! Maybe something like a line chart that shows the development of the income over a year. I just wanted to make sure that the app won’t become too dependent on entering a fixed monthly salary, because not everyone has that 😉

  4. Your application sure is useful to me. I was considering programming FileMaker to make analyses of expenditures, but seeing how you develop I decided to wait for what you might be coming up with in future releases. I don’t mind if there might be upgrade fees (or classic and advanced versions) as it will be easier for me than programming myself.

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