26 September 2013

  • Fixed the Autocomplete bug in iOS7
    Due to a bug in iOS7 the autocompletion function is currently making the app crash. We have localized and fixed the bug. The fix will be available within the coming days

Planned submit date: 27 September 2013
Actual submit date: 26 September 2013
Released: 27 September 2013

Hi everyone!
Thanks to every single one of you who have reported this issue. The problem happens on iPhone 5 with iOS7. When you type something that starts the autocompletion feature, the app shuts down. Thanks to the powerful new crash-reporting feature we have added to the current version of MyWallet+ we instantly got thousands of reports of the error and could quickly locate it and fix it.

A new dawn
We're working really hard to bring you the next version of MyWallet+. I know alot of our users are unhappy with the current design of the overview and the slow pace of updates. I read every single review the app gets. I have understood that the main critique is that its hard to read (small type) and that it looks particularly bad with currencies that have alot of decimals.
To address the slow pace of updates I have adopted a new testing and source control system that makes it really easy to ship new features. Since we cant respond to AppStore reviews I want to ask from every single one of you to send your feature-requests directly to us via e-mail (support@block21.com).

And finally - to all of you reading this, I want to personally thank you for choosing our app. I am humbled by the massive response and the following of truly awesome people! I have got literally thousands of e-mails from users all over the world telling me how MyWallet+ has changed their financial lives. It cheers me up every single time! Thanks to you MyWallet+ is one of the most downloaded finance apps on the AppStore.

Thank you!

5 Responses to Version 1.2001

  1. Thank you so much for fixing this issue. I depend very much on this app and this days have been kind of messy.

    Please try in the future to include the hability to have several accounts with different currency.

  2. Thank you Talal for being patient with us. I have pushed the update and if all goes well (and the Apple-gods are with us) it will be available within a couple of days.

  3. Dear Sir, i still haver the same similar problem
    IOS 7. – iPhone 5.
    When i try Write down
    In description fiel some thing that is not
    Yet On memory the App Crash even if with
    It’s New version

  4. Hi Júlio!
    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    Yes, you are correct. The problem is still there with v1.2000, but with the version mentioned above (not yet released) it will be solved. It is currently “In review” and will hopefully be released within the coming one or two days.

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