7 November 2010

  1. Generate future recurring transactions
    Possibility to choose how recurring transactions should be generated.

    User will be able to select one of two options:

    1. Generate until today
      This will generate recurring transactions as they occur, however not future transactions. (This is how the app works today!)

    2. Generate one year ahead
      This will generate all recurring transactions one year ahead. For instance a recurring transaction that is set to "every month on the 25th" will be created every month until 2011-12-31 (today is 2010-11-24).

  2. Edit recurring transactions
    Possibility to edit recurring transactions.
    ✓ Supports changed start and end date (generates or removes transactions)
    ✓ Supports batch update of all instances in a recurring transaction
    ✓ Supports batch update of future transactions (generated or not)

  3. Minor UI changes
    ✓ Move "Recurring transactions" to its own tab.
    ✓ Move "Categories" into the "Settings" tab. Postponed until next version.

  4. Translation
    ✓ Dutch
    ✓ Spanish
    ✓ French

With this release the app will have one of the most flexible recurring transactions functions on the AppStore today!

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