7 November 2010

The binary was sent to Apple 2010-11-07, went into review and was released 2010-11-08.

This release is a bugfix release that addresses the Black screen issue that some of our users are experiencing.
Please restart your phone after installing the update!

Other fixes:

  • Recurring transactions that are Incomes are now green

  • Selecting category is now mandatory when creating transactions

  • When deleting a category, transactions are now deleted aswell as recurring transactions

  • When deleting a recurring transactions, you are asked if you want to delete the generated transactions

  • "Clear transactions" now clears recurring transactions aswell

  • The comma button is no longer visible in the password entry keypad

  • When selecting "1 January 2010" in the new transaction dialog, the date would display "1 January 2009".
    Although the date would be correct set, the display was incorrect.

  • Typos in English version (DropBox => Dropbox etc.)

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