6 December 2010

Version 1.1 will be the start of a complete redesign of the GUI.

A cropped screenshot of an early version of the 1.1 beta:

Screenshot from version 1.1 beta

5 Responses to Version 1.1 (Currently being developed)

  1. Really looking forward to seeing the new UI! But please make it easy on the eyes… This green-black contrast you’re showing here is really looking dangerous 😉

  2. Thanks Albert.
    Im pretty sure you will like the new design. It will be totally awesome!

  3. I like My Wallet+ a lot, especially for the wonderful GUI and features but I think it’s only a bit complicate to use. I would love a more “friendly/quick” UI when I add a new expenses.

    Thanks for your software!

  4. I’m sure it will 😀

    Talking about quick & easy adding of expenses: I’d really appreciate if there was something like a “advance to next field” button while entering expenses. That would make the whole process much quicker. Something similar can be found in the iPhone app “Road Trip”, as you can see here:

    http://darrensoft.ca/roadtrip/screenshots.html (under “Edit Fuel”)

  5. i really hope you will add different accounts: cash, creditcard, bank etc.
    this way one can know how much money is left on which account…this would be a very great feature. cashtrails has it.

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