5 March 2011

  • Search
    Search now available in the transactions view.

  • GUI
    Minor GUI improvements:
    Overview - new bars, overlapping labels fixed.
    Transactions - refactored the view, proper label resize on delete / edit.

  • Recurring transactions tab
    New look. Recurring transactions are now grouped by type (incomes & expenses)

  • CRITICAL Black screen bug!!!!
    We have found a critical bug in the recurrence calculation mechanism.
    It is triggered when a recurring transaction gets corrupted. This happens when the user selects a recurring transaction pattern and presses "CLEAR" instead of "ok".
    In effect it puts the recurrence calculation in an eternal loop which makes the screen go black on start.
    While refactoring this function we have also found many optimization issues that we have corrected. It is now more stable and faster than ever, chewing up to hundreds of recurring transactions per second.

Planned submit date: 2011-03-06
Actual submit date: 2011-03-06
Approved and released: 2011-03-07  (Less than 24 hours! Thanks Apple!)

7 Responses to Version 1.083 (Released 7 March 2011)

  1. jimmie hallberg

    Mina utgifter är helt suveränt. Nu har min fru min iphone så hon får nyttja det. Kommer ni göra någon android version?

  2. Hej Jimmie!
    Tack för dina vänliga ord 🙂 Vi har långtgående planer på en Androidversion och vi håller på och utvärderar olika lösningar.
    T.ex. vore det ju trevligt att kunna synka mellan Android och iOS. Inga beslut är tagna än, men så fort det händer något så kommer vi lägga ut det här på hemsidan 🙂
    Hälsningar / Emmanuel

  3. hi guys, i’ve been choosing one finance app to buy. are you thinking about adding option for take shots of receipts? this would be great! greentings from brazil.

  4. Hi Leandro! Thanks for considering us 🙂
    I can honestly say that we have not considered adding images of receipts.
    Mainly because it brings another level of complexity to the app in terms of storage and speed.
    From our perspective it would be more relevant to add OCR scanning of receipts to simplify the manual entry.

    ..BUT! (<-- there's always a but somewhere!) We're always interested in reading your thoughts on this. When would you take shots of receipts, and why? Are there some receipts that are more important and carry information that the app can't handle or is it because you want quick access to a "legal document"? ~ Emmanuel

  5. hello! I wonder if you think about creating a way to associate your spending or receipts to the place where it occurred through the GPS! so will give it to see where you earn and spend your money better, also to know how much you spend on a trip. I think it would be possible to link to something like foursquare to get the places! what do you think?
    Sorry about my english.

  6. Hi Luiz! Thank you for your feedback.
    As a matter of fact, we have prepared MyWallet+ for this. It will be available in one of the versions coming next month.
    We will probably activate GPS in the next two versions, but it might take some time to provide useful functionality based on location.
    In short, we’re working on it! 🙂
    Regards ~ Emmanuel

  7. Please, I would like to know about the my wallet program, if you have some for computer.
    I have it now in my iphone. But I would like to have in my computer. It works very nice!
    Is it possible? where can I find the download? thanks a lot
    Rivania ( From Brazil )

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