15 April 2011

Yet another intermediary release!
We're still working on the 1.1 release, but we don't want to keep you waiting for new features.
So, we've added the following:

  • Income chart in the overview
    Tap the upper region of the overview to switch between incomes and expenses.

    Version 1.084, overview

  • Today toggle
    Tap the current selected period in the overview ("Week, Month or Year") to quickly jump back to the current Week, Month or Year. (Thanx to Beatriz González!)

  • New languages
    Added Finnish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean.

We didn't include the GPS component in this release. It was simply not ready for release yet.
Submitted to Apple: April 15 2011
In review, approved & released: April 19 2011

11 Responses to Version 1.084 (Released 19th April 2011)

  1. What do you think, when it will be available in the appstore?

  2. Alex, It depends on Apple. Sometimes they are really fast and sometimes it takes up to 1½ week before it gets approved.

  3. I really love your app, especially the design.
    But now with this red colour for Expenses, oh its imho ugly contrast with the green colour.

    Please let choose the color for Expenses green like before.

  4. Hi Oli, thanks for your honest feedback. 🙂
    Would you like both income and expense bars to be green?
    We could ofcourse do that. Or we could choose another color instead of the red one. What would you prefer?

  5. Hi Emmanuel, I like the green for Expenses, it harmonizes perfectly with the Time-Bar at the top. Expenses are necessary for me and I use the app many times daily. The red symbolize I’am out of budget even if I’am not. If it is red if the Expenses are greater than the Income ok.

    This is my opinion and I think other people say they prefer the red ;-). Perhaps if possible you let us choice are color schema (a little bit other green for the Income like at the Top-Bar where also are 2 different sorts of green).
    Thanks a lot that your consider an user opinion so friendl). Btw even if it stay red, I will keep on using your app because its awesome.

  6. To be honest, I too like the green color more than the red. 🙂

    How about if we make both incomes and expenses green, but different shades of green.
    For example Expenses could be dark green and Incomes could be light green?

  7. This would be fine at keep the app simple.

  8. Hi, I use this application daily and so far I am very happy with it! I installed the latest update today but are now having problem with the application. The expenses are displayed correctly in the application but the income are shown as expenses + balance together. Is this a bug in the program, and how can I fix it?

  9. Hej Jörgen! Thank you for your feedback. We have not heard of this before. But we will definetly make sure to fix it. A support technician will contact you to correct this as soon as possible.

  10. Hi, I have the same problem as Jörgen.

  11. Are, Im investigating the issue as im writing this.
    It seems that users who have used the app since the first versions are the ones who experience the problem.
    Ss soon as we find the problem we will release a new version. So don’t worry, your data is safe, its just the calculation mechanism (in the overview) that has a minor bug.

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